The company’s mission is to keep growing consistently by using the best IQF technology for the Indian Frozen Food Products offered to our customers. However, to us, beyond the company’s growth what also matters is the improvement in our customer’s lives through a healthy yet tasty food experience.

Most frozen products are considered unhealthy in the long run as they go through a deep processing function. Majority of these products are not sourced from the best of vendors. But we, at SHYAMFRESH, claim to source our products from the best farmers in India. Our products are grown on the farms that follow a systematic and controlled farming, equipped with top-notch quality soil, continuous irrigation, acceptable acidity/alkalinity/salt/sodium content and natural organic manure.

We aim to bring you the purest form of excellence in a packet through sustainable, healthy, innovative and convenient procurement of frozen food leading to our customer’s elevated mood! All the green peas covers are given forward to cowsheds across the country, so that no raw material goes wasted and the cows are well-fed throughout the year.


Our vision is to become India’s most admired company in the field of distribution of frozen food items. We have decades old history with our farmers who help us do what we do – by enabling us to provide you with delicious frozen food items. However, that is not all that we strive for. We wish to expand our family that already includes all our farmers as one of our strongest pillars of strength, along with our customers as our second strong foundational root.


Because we are already a family run business, there is hardly anybody associated with us who we do not consider as family. If you are a part of SHYAMFRESH, you are a part of us, our family, our legacy! We look forward to lead the frozen food industry domestically and internationally, by ensuring that the quality of the products are never compromised for. We wish the best for us by proving ourselves to be the best for you!

SHYAMFRESH’s core values

  • Respect for everybody: We respect each and everybody working ‘with us’, rather than considering them working ‘for us’ because they are the ones who make us.
  • Advancements through acknowledgement: We aim to pursue all new advancements in the industry by acknowledging the innovations as they enter the market.
  • Customer-centric vision: We think about our internal clients as much as we think about our external clients – you all matter to SHYAMFRESH equally!
  • Sustainability towards the environment: We walk with everybody by our side, and so we make sure that we do not forget the most important aspect of our business’ functioning – environment sustainability.
  • Acceptance and approachability: If you do not like something with respect to SHYAMFRESH, you can directly contact us to convey your dismay.
  • Dutiful Networking: We understand our duty towards our customers and employees, and hence effective networking is another aspect of our core values!