Because only corn, peas and soya was not enough – we decided to stock you up with our brand new frozen mixed vegetables! It consists of delicious and healthy veggies like beans, carrot, peas, corn, cauliflower, broccoli and much more, which is the easiest amalgamation for the perfect dinner night!

Our frozen mixed vegetable can be used in biryani, noodles, or as a separate sabzi itself. All you have to do is defrost them, boil them and add your magic spices. Then, wait for the mix veggies to do the magic to your mouth!

Why choose SHYAMFRESH’s frozen mixed vegetable?

Our company is completely determined and dedicated to provide you with the best of best through our supply chain of farmers turned family, who work day and night to cultivate the best quality vegetables for you. We make sure that the proportion of each individual vegetable is equal in every single mixed vegetable packet, making it a perfect blend for all your recipes!


  • Serving 100g
  • Protein 2.2
  • Carbohydrates 5.9
  • Fat 0.5
  • Fibre 2.4
  • Potassium 3.5%
  • Vitamin C 4.9%
  • Iron 4.1%