Sourced with care

We source our products from the best farmlands in India. The green peas is harvested in Uttar Pradesh whereas our sweet corn specially comes from Maharashtra, without any compromise in the quality. Each product is harvested in its due season and made available throughout the year.

Sorted and graded immaculately

The harvested products are then closely monitored, sorted and graded where even the slightest of imperfection does not go unnoticed. Any single grain that is not up to the mark is discarded from the lot, after a rigorous vetting process.

Washed, peeled and cut as desired

The farm products that make the cut and are ready to fill your stomachs are then thoroughly cleaned, peeled and cut by top-notch machinery that ensures a delicious taste in every bite!

Blanched to perfection

Each grain then goes through a solid process of blanching which ensures that the flavor, natural color and texture of the product stays intact. It also helps in removing any possible dirt and microorganisms that were not removed in the step above. Double protection for better consumption!

Frozen with precision

The products are then frozen with state-of-the-art individual quick-frozen technology that ensures no large ice crystals form in the vegetable cells and the product’s shelf life is increased. This allows you to consume your favorite vegetables even during off-seasons at no additional cost.

Stored with temperature controls

After the freezing part is completed, all packages are then stored in our cold storage units that ensures the longevity of the farm produce along with keeping its nutrients and taste intact. The moment it enters your cooking utensil, your plate and then your mouth – you will hardly ever guess that it was frozen and did not come straight from the fresh farmland!

Packaged with love

Finally, the products are then packed into various sizes to cater to different sets of clienteles. It is packed into 200g, 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, and 5 kg sizes to ensure that you get your hands on the pack that suits you the best. For big events or bulk orders, we also create 35 kgs packages for our consumers!

Sold with passion

The last step to turn fresh into frozen is to sell it to our beloved customers. After the entire process of turning the farm fresh products into frozen products take place, we sell it to customers from across the country as per their product requirement.