Bringing fresh to your doorsteps: all seasons around

Our motive is to bring you nutrition rich food items all around the year through a world-class individually quick-frozen technology. Each product from SHYAMFRESH is handpicked and packed in a way to provide you with the goodness of fiber with the taste of freshness.

We harvest, we pack, we provide – to ensure that you enjoy, you savour and are satisfied!

We are empathetic

We care about the quality you wish to have in your dishes, and so we promise to provide you with the best.

We are experienced

With over 10 years of experience in the food industry, we aim to bring you the best out of the best.

Our Values

We treat our customers as a family, so we make sure that our family is never disappointed by providing them with the epitome of an unforgettable food experience.





Mix Vegetables

Converting fresh into feasible

Our experienced team of farmers, harvesters and cultivators work all year around to grow the crops that you love. Once handpicked, they are packed into different package sizes to cater to all types of customers – from retail to whole-sellers.

Our process from raw to finish converts the fresh food items to feasible frozen products that can be used even during off-seasons. Now, you do not have to wait for the winter season to enjoy peas or warmer seasons to enjoy sweet corn!

Benefits of frozen food

  • Vitamins and minerals are retained
  • Elongated shelf life
  • Budget savvy method to prepare meals in a few minutes
  • Gives you access to out-of-season food throughout the year
  • Locks in all the goodness you need in your food
  • Reduces food wastage at your homes
  • Lets you experiment with your meals
  • More convenient and mostly cheaper

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We will be the leading company in the national market with each of our products.


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